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Meet The Team


Josh Sahyoun


My name is Joshua Sahyoun. I started playing the drums when I was 3 years old acquiring my first mini drum set. I’ve taken drum lessons and been self taught throughout the past 10 years. Within the last few years I’ve been given the opportunity to play for my church, different recitals, and special events. My favorite part about this entire journey is the gifts that the Lord has given me can genuinely make a change in other people’s lives. Which is why through my teaching I want to raise up a group of passionate and hard working drummers for the Lords Praise.


Meri Sheegog


Anaheim-based violinist and pedagogue Meri Sheegog has been teaching violin since August 2012. She received her BA in Music with an emphasis in String Pedagogy from the University of New Mexico where she completed both the Pedagogy requirements as well as her Suzuki Certification for Violin Books 1–10 under the tutelage of Susan Kempter. While at school, she enjoyed being part of several string quartets, studying privately with Dr. Carmelo de los Santos, and building her own violin from scratch.

Since graduating, Ms. Sheegog has been working as a private violin instructor in the Orange County area and overseeing the instruction and development of charter middle school orchestra programs. She has provided adjunct support to the Newport Mesa Unified School District, Cornerstone Academy of Performing Arts, and OC Music and Dance.

She performs regularly with California State University, Fullerton’s Symphony Orchestra; Biola Youth Theater; and Cornerstone Church Anaheim. Ms. Sheegog is a current member of the Suzuki Association of the America.

janett bennet_edited.jpg

Janet Bennett


Piano music has been a passion of mine as long as I can remember. I began taking piano lessons as a young girl studying classical music, and I knew before the age of 10 that I wanted to become a piano teacher to share my passion with others. In my senior year of high school I began teaching professionally at a music studio while attending music classes at the local college and have a BS degree in Music from VCSU. I also have spent many years as a church pianist, and teach hymns and contemporary Christian music to those interested in pursuing church music. I am an active member of the MTAC (Music Teacher’s Association of California) and through this organization students can participate in the Certificate of Merit program (of which they can list as an achievement on their college application) as well as providing a number of opportunities to compete and perform. Additionally I give a yearly Spring recital and a yearly Christmas outreach recital in a senior facility. Classical music has always been my specialty, however, I also provide my students genres such as praise music, popular music, jazz, broadway, or Disney to name a few. I teach the Music for little Mozart’s series to very young children ages 4-6, and use a combination of materials to those older than 6 depending upon their goals and learning style. Music brings joy and creativity to all participants and it brings me much joy to choose personalized curriculum for each one of my piano students, challenging them, inspiring them, and providing opportunities for them to flourish

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